Patient Case Manager

Social Prescribing, Simplified

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How it works

Let us show you how easy it is to track a new patient's social prescribing journey.

Made with care


Automatically saves and backs up every change to the cloud.

Tracks the patient journey

Builds a single record of your patient's wellbeing.

Built alongside clinicians

Jointly developed with St Austell Healthcare, an established GP practice providing Social Prescribing. Battle-tested with real patients and staff.

Supported by real humans

No question is too small, we're here to help.


Hosted on Google infrastructure, and externally audited for cybersecurity. Nothing to install, we handle the updates.

Reports outcomes

Generates insights from every consultation, regularly updated to NHS requirements. Put down those spreadsheets!

Give it a try

We priced Help at Hand to be affordable to all organisations, from single GP practices to primary care networks, to commissioning groups.

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